The Best Kids Table Ideas For Your Wedding - Rustic Wedding Chic


Planning your wedding often involves beautiful flowers, elegant details and lovely personalized details but sometimes planning a wedding means thinking about the kids that will be in attendance so think crayons, games and candy! To help you find the best kids table ideas we came up with a little overview of some of our favorite ideas that are not only cute but won’t break the bank either. Create A Space That Is Just For The Kids Everything is easier when you have a dedicated space for the kids to play, eat and have fun so make a space that is just for them and add a sign so everyone knows this is the kid zone. Let Them Get Crafty  Keeping kids entertained at your wedding is the key to happiness (for everyone) so in the dedicated space you create for them add some crafts, games and fun things for them to do. Have Food & Candy Just For Them From serving pizza to having a separate candy bar just for kids it is a great idea to have specific food for your youngest guests. Color Away One of the best ways to keep your little wedding guests happy is to let […]